As a business, we understand the difficult conditions you have needed to navigate during the Covid-19 outbreak and we applaud you. We also want to do our bit at this time and have been looking at how we can help you protect your customers and staff from Covid-19. Now is the time to develop a strategy, plan and implement them. We use 2 systems but they have the same goal: to keep the general public and your staff safe.

CCS – Crowd Control Solutions – 3D Counting Cameras and Displays

BTM – Body Temperature Monitoring Solutions – Thermal Cameras


Maintaining crowd occupancy rates can be challenging in a busy environment. VIVOTEK Crowd Control solution adopts 3D-depth counting technology, providing people counting accuracy up to 98%. Not only does it manage indoor traffic, but it can be extended to tailgating and access control applications as well. With the integration of 3D Counting Cameras and VIVOCloud NVR’s, business owners can transfer the VIVOTEK Crowd Control Solution into VIVOCloud Retail Solutions. It not only provides live streaming surveillance and guest count reports while on the go, it helps optimise retail operations with no additional charge.

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In order to respond to the epidemic situation we should implement Body Temperature Measurement (BTM) cameras that can detect abnormal body temperatures which is one of the symptoms of pneumonia and other viral diseases. Thermal measurement is a fast and efficient way of detecting those who show no obvious symptoms but have been infected by the epidemic. Unattended terminals can be installed with BTM cameras to facilitate the temperature detection of passing personnel with the use of facial recognition access control in each entrance and exit terminals. This is an ideal application for Airports, Train Stations and Subways, Schools, Shopping Centres and Government Buildings.

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