Pride offers a wide range of solutions from small to large, we have the expertise to design and construct a solution to suit your specific needs. Once installed, Pride can keep your system working 24/7 with our experienced routine service and urgent maintenance team. Please contact us if you would like a preventative maintenance contract arranged to ensure your system integrity. This service is highly recommended particularly if there are any insurance claims required to be made.


Intrusion detection systems are designed to protect your physical assets when your premises are unoccupied. Pride is able to provide solutions from single dwellings, right though to IP connected multi dwelling and multi site operations. Pride has access to Class 5 compliant solutions where the highest levels of encryption is required to protect your assets.


Access control solutions manage the movement of people within an organisation. Only authorised personnel are able to access areas assigned to them, while preventing them to access areas not assigned to them. It also allows for the detection of movement of unauthorised personnel. Depending on your circumstance, this can be obtained through a report and be integrated into other solutions such as CCTV. Pride has access to Class 5 compliant solutions where the highest levels of security are required to protect your assets.


CCTV has undergone a number of transitions of recent years. Many solutions are now available offering cost effect systems to SMEs, right though to large scale solutions covering multiple sites utilising multiple technologies. The use of solar and 4G technologies can provide coverage in remote locations not previously possible, ensuring that your assets are covered. Integration into other systems can trigger alarms for an immediate response and or be recorded for later action.


Pride is able to offer solutions from leading vendors to suit your needs. IP has enabled the use of structured cabling, NBN and 4G solutions to provide options for multi dwelling complexes to remote door control via mobile apps.


With a reliable perimeter security system, you can keep your assets, information and other important infrastructure safe. Pride are able to design a solution providing you peace of mind that your assets are protected. Integration into intrusion detection systems can provide advanced warning of an intruder, and integration into CCTV systems can provide video verification.


Standalone and Integrated Duress solutions can keep you team safe in the event of the unfortunate. Monitored solutions can provide immediate contact with your chosen monitoring solution and enable police dispatch if required.


Pride has access to a number of nurse call solutions, enabling us to design install and maintain the right system for your facility.


Many of the systems that Pride specialise in can be integrated with each other to provide a comprehensive package of protection for your physical assets and people. Large or small, corporate, government or SMEs, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs and budget. Pride’s expertise and commitment to team training ensures that you are receiving the most up to date solutions utilising best practice methods to ensure that your system remains reliable.