2,000 Queenslanders to get up to $4,000 for bill busting home batteries

The Battery Booster program provides rebates to help you install a home battery system.

If you are eligible, the rebates will offset the upfront cost of purchasing and installing a home battery system to use with a new or existing solar PV system.

The program is now open and will remain so until funding is exhausted.

You must apply for conditional approval before applying for the rebate. The application must include a quote for an Approved Battery System from an Approved Installer or another retailer.

Battery systems installed before you have received a conditional approval letter will render you ineligible.

To apply for conditional approval, and for more information on the program (including eligibility criteria), visit Battery Booster rebate for householders .

Approved Battery System list

The Approved Battery System list ensures your battery system is safe and meets relevant standards.

The Pride Group use and recommend Redback Technologies as our proven QLD Designed battery solution.

These technical criteria are based on the Clean Energy Council approved products list, with additional features including being virtual power plant ready, compatibility of batteries and inverters and other security standards.

  • All batteries on the list have a capacity of 6 kilowatt hours (kWh) or greater.
  • The list may be updated with additional battery systems during the life of the program.
  • To search the list, enter your preferred brand first, or the full model.

Some Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) do not require a compatible inverter.

If the installed battery and inverter combination isn’t listed at the time of installation, the system will be ineligible.

Approved Installer list and Removed Installer list

Safety is a priority, which is why for the Battery Booster rebate, your installer must meet minimum training and licensing requirements.

The Pride Group is proud to say we are an approved installer

You will only be eligible for a rebate if your installer is on the Approved Installer list at the time your Approved Battery System is installed.

Approved Installers may be removed from the list and placed on the Removed Installers list if their installations are found to be unsafe or repeatedly sub-standard, or if electrician licences or accreditation expire.

Both lists will be updated throughout the life of the program.



Take control of your energy costs with a Pride designed Smart Hybrid System

Take ownership of your family’s energy future by becoming less dependent on the prices controlled by energy retailers – produce your own electricity with our Smart Hybrid solutions that include battery storage.


Advanced monitoring with mobile apps and web applications

You can monitor the amount of electricity your solar panels are producing, the amount being exported back to the grid, your battery levels and your household energy consumption with Redback’s advanced monitoring mobile apps and web applications.


Don’t be left in the dark, have peace of mind in a power outage

Never be left in the dark again, with the Redback backup power feature allowing near-instantaneous backup power (10 milliseconds), which targets key appliances when the unexpected occurs.

The Pride Group can design, install and maintain your solar panel and battery installations.

We’ve teamed up with Australian-owned Redback Technologies to bring you the best in the game. Redback has produced a modern, sleek, all-in-one solution that is second to none. Constructed from lightweight, high-quality materials suitable for outdoor installation.

By investing in a solar and storage solution from The Pride Group, you can minimise your need to import electricity from your energy retailer, increase your level of self-sufficiency, reduce your power bill costs, and do your bit for the environment. Plus, in the event of a power outage, you’ll be covered!


Why solar with battery storage?

We consume most of our power in the morning when we’re getting ready for work, and the end of the day when we get home. However, solar panels generate most of their energy in the middle of the day. Solutions such as the Redback Smart Hybrid System ensures you aren’t wasting valuable generated energy. Storing it in your home battery storage for later use, reducing your need for electricity in peak periods.

  • Maximise the use of your self-generated solar energy
  • Minimise the amount of power purchased from the grid
  • Reduce the exposure to fluctuating energy tariffs (FiT & ToU)
  • Provide increased energy reliability and independence should you experience a power outage
  • Give peace of mind that there is a secure, clean energy source for your home
  • Optional participation in Virtual Power Plants and Embedded Networks