Queensland Government: Regional Queenslanders are jumping on board the next wave of renewable energy, with solar and battery installation grants disappearing quickly.
Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said regional households and small businesses had made about a third of the 2150 loan and grant applications to date to install rooftop solar panels and battery systems.
“With savings of up to $400 a year, even after taking into account interest-free loan repayments, regional Queenslanders know a good deal when they see one,” he said.
“This is a great opportunity to cut your power bills and your emissions, saving money and doing your bit for climate change.”
But with 2150 applications on the State Government’s books already, the clock is ticking on the scheme, which offers grants of $3000 and interest-free loans of up to $6000 for batteries, and $10,000 for combined solar-battery installations.
“There are limited places still available for grants and loans and I encourage anyone interested to get online before it’s too late,” Dr Lynham said.
“And for those who have had their applications approved, book in an appointment with your installer and start saving.”
The scheme offers loans and grants for households and local businesses installing panels and batteries. Solar power is used to charge the batteries, which then can be used during peak electricity periods to reduce electricity costs .
Dr Lynham was in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast today, where he joined local installer Pride Group and a local householder with a new battery installed under the scheme.
“About 140 Sunshine Coast locals have had their applications for interest-free loans or grants approved, and another 70 are being assessed, since the scheme opened late last year,” he said.
“The Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, and clearly residents here are big fans of renewable energy, with the region number four on the list for uptake of the scheme after Brisbane, Gold Coast and Moreton Bay.”
The Pride Group QLD Pty Ltd is one of 25 companies approved to install solar and batteries.
General Manager Dave Gartner said his company was proud to be an accredited supplier for the scheme as it now offered the opportunity to expand the business and help residents to store their solar power.
“This scheme has been a real boon for business on the Sunshine Coast as we have been swamped with enquires from local residents wishing to install a system,” Mr Gartner said.
“Here today in Buderim we are installing another system under the scheme and our forward schedule is looking good.”
Dr Lynham said the scheme also aimed to support high quality installers like the Pride Group to help kick start the battery storage industry and new jobs.
“With more than 500,000 rooftop solar systems in Queensland we have one of the highest penetrations of rooftop solar in the world,” he said.
“The next wave is to be a world leader in battery storage.”

To apply for solar, battery or solar and battery package:
• Get a quote from an eligible battery supplier for an eligible battery system. You can find a list of eligible suppliers and batteries online at www.qld.gov.au/batteryloans.
• Apply online: www.qld.gov.au/batteryloans.
• Get approved
• Tell your supplier you’re approved and get your system installed. (You cannot get it installed before approval or you’re not eligible.)
• Get back online to have your approved dollar amount paid to your supplier.
• You have six months from approval to get your system installed.