We were receiving power bills from both our office locations with annual electricity bills of approximately $12K.
We approached our landlord and proposed we install a system on the roof which they would own as a building asset in turn for us to gain from the PV produced.
After some negotiation which included lease extension, the landlord put in 75% of the cost and we provided the 25% difference.
We installed a 22kw system with a 20kw Fronius 3 phase inverter.
Our office hours are 7am-5pm during weekdays and the air conditioning runs throughout the year heating in winter and cooling in summer.
Any excess is fed into the grid at max 5kw per phase per hour (max 15kw per hour) we produce more than we require and on weekend feed in 60-100kwh each day.
We have recovered our investment in 9 months, our system covers 100% of our Sunshine Coast office power bill and approx. 50% of the Brisbane office power bill.
Our estimate over the next 4 years of our lease will be a production that will equate to approx. $36k in savings as well the environmental benefit of having sustainable renewable energy.
If you are a tenant with a long term lease these savings can be achieved, please call 1300 651 521 if you wish to explore, savings in power bills will easily recover system costs and repayments, if your landlord is flexible they will win down the track also.